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The conversations rippling under the surfaces of their songs

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Go to: Start Settings Control Pannel System Device Maneger Sound,Video and game controlers Creative AWE64 16 bit audio ResourcesUncheck ‘use automatic resources’ and choose Basic Configuration 0000This should set the Interrupt Request (IRQ) to 5, Direct Memory Access (DMA) to 1 and 5 and Input/Output ranges (I/O Port) to 220, 330, 388This should allow your DOS games to work. For music, choose general MIDI and port 330.When the Plug n Play Versions of the soundblaster 16 and 32 first came out, it was impossible to get them working in DOS without the “Intel Plug n Play Configuration Manager” that shipped with them for a time. Then Intel must have gotton upset because it stopped shipping, after this Creative released a version just for their cards, the “Creative Plug n Play Configuration Manager” and all was fine again.

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