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That didn’t seem to slow down the other events

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That didn’t seem to slow down the other events, including Cars Coffee at the Concours, which took place Saturday morning. For the first time, the event was expanded across the street from the Ritz Carlton. It is typically held on the 10th and 18th fairways of the Golf Club of Amelia Island..

Santorum said he also backed more troops in the region but not as many as Graham. Jindal also slammed Obama’s handling of Middle East affairs. Pataki noted his experience leading New York state on 9/11 and called for fighting IS terrorism in the Middle East.

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In a game with perhaps a timely rain delay for the host Hokies, Virginia Tech overcame an eight run deficit to upend No. 1 Florida State 13 12 Saturday in Atlantic Coast Conference play.The win helped the Hokies even their series with FSU at one game each. It also marked the first time the Hokies beat a No.

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