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Space Pirates: the crew of the Dionysian are space pirates

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The show crossed over with both Liv and Maddie and Girl Meets World for each series’ Halloween Episode in October 2015. A much more major and serious one occurs in the episode “The Butterscotch Effect” when they alter the day that Barry didn’t get to meet his hero. When they return to the present, Barry, Naldo and the pizza guy are in a rock band instead of scientists/pizza deliverer They attempt to fix this, only to make it much worse as Barry never met Naldo, and thus turned into an anti social, revenge obsessed emotionless Mad Scientist and Supervillain.

Cheap Celine Bags Anastasia: Young Dimitri Shrek the Third: Arthur “Artie” Pendragon Harry Potter: Fred and George Weasley (from Prisoner of Azkaban up to Halfblood Prince) Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade: Young Indy Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius: Nick Dean Kiki’s Delivery Service: Koppori Tombo (original dub) Lady and the Tramp II: Scamp’s Adventure: Scamp The Lord of the Rings: Frodo Baggins Problem Child: Junior Healy Richie Rich: Richie Rich Space Jam: Young Michael Jordan and Jeffrey Jordan Tropic Thunder: Tugg Speedman Toy Story: Sid Phillips X Men: Bobby Drake/Iceman Cheap Celine Bags

Celine Replica Bags Anti Hero: Fiearius Soliver is, on the surface, a smuggler, a thief and an assassin that only looks out for himself and his own, but on occasion, performs heroic acts. Badass Crew: the crew of the Dionysian each has their own specialty and each member can kick ass in their own right. They’re all loyal to each other and act more as a family than a pirate crew. Dark and Troubled Past: Before leaving his home planet on the Dionysian, Fiearius Soliver worked as an assassin for the dubious government organization the Society, potentially murdering many innocents. This culminated in an event that caused both his wife and four year old son to be killed Defrosting Ice Queen: Leta Adler is depicted as cold, stern and unflinching particularly towards Fiearius, but in time she warms up to him and even comes to love him. Fish out of Water: When Leta initially boards the Dionysian, having been raised in wealth and luxury on her home planet, she does not fit in with the criminal crew nor understand their activities and methods. Gadgeteer Genius: Cyrus Soliver and Adrasteia Atelier, both engineers from a young age, consistently override security protocols, wrangle together engine pieces and build any gadget needed for a specific mission. Jerkass Faade: Fiearius Soliver emits a jerk persona to appear strong to his crew, worthy to his criminal allies and indestructible to his enemies. Nerd: Cyrus Soliver is a prodigal engineer who loves his craft a little too much and spends a great deal of time nerding out about engines, sometimes with fellow nerd Adrasteia Atelier. The Smart Guy: Cyrus, the Dionysian’s engineer and resident tech nerd, is often one step ahead of everyone else, coming up with ideas and plans and solutions that no one else on the crew considered. Space Pirates: the crew of the Dionysian are space pirates. Celine Replica Bags

Celine Cheap Hidden Depths: The Juggernaut Zeren just wanted to find a family and a life opportunity, and being a soldier is what he considered his best bet; he retired because he was tired of killing. Most of the major cast have these as well. Hijacking Cthulhu: Partially accomplished by Benny during the fight against Mega Cthulhu. Hive Mind: Both Cordyceps sapiens and THE VOICE OF REASON AND CLEAN exhibit characteristics of this. Horrifying Hero: Just about everybody. They are fighting to stop a Celine Replica multizonal apocalypse, and have fought to prevent the extermination or kawaiification of all life, but they almost all have killed innocents as well, for one reason or another. Celine Cheap

Celine Replica handbags Blessed with Suck: Yphrum considers her fate this, since who needs a ruler in a place where everything will always go smoothly? Breaking the Fourth Wall: At the end of every episode and short the characters suddenly become aware they’re in a radio drama, reading the credits in character, and even going https://www.smilehandbag.com so far as to point out how well their voice actors did and say hello to the audience. Doctor: “This has been a Pony in a Box producti ” Celine Replica handbags.

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