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Some of the beaches in Myrtle Beach have become so popular in

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Elenowitz is also Managing Director of TriPoint Capital Advisors, LLC, a merchant banking and financial consulting affiliate of TriPoint Global Equities. He is the recipient of several entrepreneurial awards and has been profiled in BusinessWeek and CNBC, as well as several other publications. In Finance.

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replica ray bans It allows smaller shading devices like sun domes http://www.raybansaler.com/, lean to and pop up tents that are smaller than eight feet tall, but still bans large tents, which are primarily the problem.The original ordinance was ultimately passed without any changes or amendments.Some of the beaches in Myrtle Beach have become so popular in the summer, that the city says beach tents have become a huge issue for several reasons:”First of all, safety, making sure you can get through a wall of tents to get to the beach in the event of an emergency, making sure emergency responders can get there,” said city spokesman Mark Kruea. “The fact that they take up a lot of real estate, more people could enjoy the beach with fewer tents out there. And then over the last five years, we essentially added two million extra visitors, so there are more people trying to use the beach.”For some frequent tourists, this new rule could be a deal breaker.”It would deter us from coming to the beach,” said Emily Jager, a frequent visitor replica ray bans.

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