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Sizes run a bit large, so if you between sizes, opt for the

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BRING ON THE GOOD NEWS: Is it just me, or has there been a recent surge in the amount of positive news for the trucking industry and the economy in general? Here are just a few highlights from the past couple weeks: The Canadian economy grew 5% in the fourth quarter, its strongest quarterly growth in a decade. The Canadian General Freight Index reported trucking rates, which suffered a 9.6% freefall between December 2008 and December 2009, have since stabilized. Truck tonnage in the US spiked 3.1% in January, reaching its highest levels since September 2008.

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Canada Goose On long hikes and camping trips, space economy is a top priority. So if you plan on encountering wind or rain on your journey (or even if you don plan on it) Canada Goose Outlet Store, you want to bring along this incredibly lightweight and waterproof windbreaker that folds into its own pocket once you done with it. Sizes run a bit large, so if you between sizes, opt for the smaller one. Canada Goose

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