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She is certainly his closest advisor

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In she was being careless in losing those documents, the verb was is an action verb, describing a specific act of carelessness. The same mutability is seen in verbs of the senses (smell, taste, feel): Mmm, smell that coffee [action]; the coffee smells wonderful [stative]. We can also distinguish the linking verb (more formally known as a copula) from verbs that can take an object or be modified by an adverb.

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Fake Handbags The French literature teacher is all anyone can talk about across the Channel for a variety of reasons, most scandalous of which is that zut! she is 24 years her husband’s senior and was his drama teacher at school. She is certainly his closest advisor, rarely leaving his side and often taking his hand at public events, an American touch that’s uncommon in French politics. And as her husband takes his first steps outlining his presidency in youth centric, dynamic, modern terms, Brigitte is the eye catching partner welcoming Rihanna and Bono to the lyse in skinny jeans and a characteristically sharp jacket.. Fake Handbags

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