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Second, a future Sunni government in Damascus can also continue

By June 3, 2013Uncategorized

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Designer Replica Bags Policy towards Syria Replica Designer Handbags, is flawed for the following reasons:First Fake Designer Bags, most Shia Muslims, including all Iranian clerics, consider the Syrian Alawite sect to be heretical for the latter’s beliefs in reincarnation Replica Handbags www.thereplicabags.com, the divinity of Ali (the Prophet Mohamed’s son in law), and Alawite rejection of Muslim rituals. As such, it is factually incorrect to argue that Iranian and Syrian political leaders are bonded by a common religious faith they are not.Second click more, a future Sunni government in Damascus can also continue to maintain positive ties with Iran. Their perceivedcommon enemyin the existence of the state of Israel overrides any Sunni Shia religious disagreements. Designer Replica Bags

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