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Reverse mortgage scams usually involve the offer of a free home

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I am in my mid thirties and have always made and had easy friendships. People really like me and I like them and being liked. All would be well except that I harbor a very strong and miserable envious streak.

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wholesale replica designer handbags So if your parents express interest in one, it doesn’t mean they’re necessarily being conned. Scammers, however, are taking advantage of the popularity of reverse mortgages to steal the equity from the property of unsuspecting seniors, the FBI reports.Reverse mortgage scams usually involve the offer of a free home or money to seniors in exchange for the title to their property. To help your parents avoid becoming victims, tell them to toss any unsolicited offers they get in the mail and give them the NCOA’s free guide for homeowners considering a reverse mortgage. wholesale replica designer handbags

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