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Iranian President Hassan Rouhani condemned al Nimr’s execution

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But what the hell? This is news to her? Isn’t she attending at least some of these funerals? Her best friend is gay, works in medicine, indeed shields HIV positive children from bigots, he’s losing friends and lovers left and right and Heidi has to be told what’s going on? That would make sense if they hadn’t spoken in years. But as far as I can tell, they’re best friends. Worse, Heidi then apparently backs out of a commitment to teach, even though she was literally leaving for her new job that very day.

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Fake Valentino Bags And on Sunday, he tweeted, “Doubtlessly, unfairly spilled blood of oppressed martyr SheikhNimr will affect rapidly Divine revenge will seize Saudi politicians.”Doubtlessly, unfairly spilled blood of oppressed martyr SheikhNimr will affect rapidly Divine revenge will seize Saudi politicians.The supreme leader also posted to his website a critical illustration that compared a Saudi Arabian executioner to an ISIS Jihadi preparing to behead a victim. The illustration calls them “white ISIS” and “black ISIS” and asks, “Any differences?”Iran’s supreme leader compares Saudi Arabia to ISIS over the execution of a Shiite cleric activistAfter the embassy attack, police donned riot gear and arrested 40 people.Iranian President Hassan Rouhani condemned al Nimr’s execution in Saudi Arabia but also blasted the attack on the Saudi embassy in Tehran and on a Saudi consulate in another Iranian city.”In no way is this justifiable foremost disrespects Iran. All Iranian officials are fully committed to confront these illegal acts,” he said in a tweet.In no way is this justifiable foremost disrespects Iran Fake Valentino Bags.

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