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He settles it inside the rectangular frame

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He settles it inside the rectangular frame, presses it into place, fixes an NFL hologram logo to a corner of the field, to certify this is an official NFL product. And then, because I asked to see one of the most frustrating toys ever made in its glory, he attaches a small motor beneath the metal gridiron. Vibrations course through the sheet and a miniature NFL offense convulses into action and deadlocks with a miniature NFL defense.

“Not everybody is from Alabama and Michigan and USC and those places, so for some of those guys, and even the ones that come from there, it’s still a huge jump for them,” Belichick said. “It’s a big part of a big time in a professional player’s career making it the first year, but then that first to second or first to second to third. That’s true for everybody.”.

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