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Despite a recent facelift, the Scirocco is neither as sexy nor

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Its cabin now looks very dated compared to the latest Audi TT and VW Golf, as the Scirocco is based on the dashboard architecture of the old Eos coup cabriolet. Despite a recent facelift, the Scirocco is neither as sexy nor as high quality as the Golf Mk7.Beyond the fizzy petrol turbo engines, there are some wallet friendly BlueMotion Technology diesels and a fiery 276bhp R performance model. All versions impress with their usability unlike most rivals, four usable seats and a decent boot are standard fare in all Sciroccos.But today, it simply can’t offer the same level of driving finesse as the best coupes or three door hatchbacks in the class, despite making the Audi TT look more than a little expensive.Our ChoiceThe Scirocco name dates back to 1974 and the launch of the Giorgetto Giugiaro designed original.

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